5 Online Stores for Australian Men

A quick good search looking for mens online stores in Australia doesn't exactly yield the most promising of picks. There are few local brands, that you'll often see shamelessly plugged in GQ (yes its a paid promotion) but they aren't exactly on the forefront of fashion. Here are 5 of my finds that I regularly frequent. They might not all be based in Australia, but they all offer fast postage, Australian pricing and Australian Support. With this collection I wanted to show you 5 completely different type of online stores so get an ida of just how easy it is to actually shop in Australia.

Scotch and Soda

The dutch fashion house, Scotch and Soda has very good collection of menswear. They have a great range of jackets and knitwear all with a certain youthful, European cool. The Australian shop offers a complete line for Australian Seasons, so you don't need to worry about having to shop early to catch the best of the Northern Hemisphere seasons. Make sure you also check out there line of Accessories. We found some cool bracelets, gloves and scarves that we couldn't find elsewhere in Aus.

We shop for: The jackets. Cool looking gloves and scarves and fully adjustable bracelets.

Paula's Choice

My go to recommendation for mens skincare. Paula's Choices uses actual science to make sure their products contain only items that actually work and won't hurt even the most sensitive of skin. PC offers a mens line of product, but don't be afraid to try any product on PC (the mens products are exactly the same formulation, just in a different looking container).

We shop for: The PC resist moisturizer - Don't go out without SPF15+!

David Jones

There's a lot to hate about Department Stores in Australia. Lately they've been trying to be about as fashion unforward as possible. Expect vanity sizing and unflattering cuts. However David Jones is slowly turning things around and we do like their collection of Fragrances and some of the other exclusive lines they carry. If you're a fan of Creed fragrances including the incredible Aventus, there is only one place to go in Australia to get it. They also carry Chanel Blue and many other popular frags which you won't find in other department stores.

What we shop for: Fragrances (especially Creed, Hermes and Chanel) and look out for the line of Miansai bracelets from Miami which are very cool.


Everyone has heard of Asos. And for good reason. They provide cheap fashion that is current and on trend. Some of their styling is a bit off, as they tend to aim for a "street look" and miss about 50% of the time. But the clothes are fairly solid. Asos tends to have vanity sizes, so be careful as things will probably be too big, but once you have your "asos size" nailed, you'll be able to shop with ease.

What we shop for: Undershirts, knitwear (from Selected Homme) and other basics.

Mr Porter

Mr Porter is the undisputed king of luxury mens fashion. It's my go to destination when looking for the best that Men's fashion has to offer. They offer super fast shipping to Australia and stock all the major brands. If you're looking to start a new warddrobe, I would recommend starting here. Pick up just a few key items, that you know will be of high quality and with free returns you can get the right fit.

What we shop for: Jeans - A.P.C and Nudie, Shirts - Burberry, Ralph Lauren and J-Crew and Shoes - Adidas and Common Projects.